A well-designed website is a perfect way to enhance and establish your organisation's branding, identity and image. SiteE@se will work closely with you to gain an full understanding of your organisation and its ethos, which will reflect in the website created.

Advice is offered on initiating and developing your brand alongside assistance with any graphics requirements.

Web & Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are now the most used devices for browsing the web, far exceeding traditional laptops and PCs. With Google penalising in its rankings websites that are not smartphone / tablet friendly it is essential to have a well designed and engineered site that works well on any device.

SiteE@se tests each site using a variety of web browsers across a variety of devices, platforms and operating systems to ensure maximum compatibility.

Interactive Designs

Users demand more and more from the websites they visit. Interaction with your website may be their first experience of interacting with your organisation, and it needs to be positive.

There are many ways of encouraging interaction that is informative, productive and enjoyable. Have you considered the benefits of any of the following on your website?

- short videos
- contact form
- subscribable newsletter
- blog with ability for users to add comments
- customer poll / survey
- feedback / testimonial page
- pop-up offers

These and many other interactive features can easily be incorporated into your website by SiteE@se

Social Media

SiteE@se can help you plan your social media strategy to make best use of Facebook for Business, advertising, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

All of these can be tightly integrated into your website and many processes fully automated - create a new page on your site and immediately have it posted to many social platforms, quickly informing your followers of new content.


Looking for business class email at less than premium prices? We offer email services only to our website design clients. This ensures that we can provide the highest level of support and bespoke email configuration.

All mailboxes have virus protection and junk mail filtering, adjustable by the client. Email storage space is extremely generous - a massive 10GB per mailbox! There is also a full range of email tools, including auto-responders (for out of office replies, catch-all forwarding, single address forwarding, send only mail addresses (useful for no-reply@ addresses) and much more.

Email accounts can be set up in any email client (for Outlook we recommend at least the 2010 version), on your smartphone or accessed using the SiteE@se Webmail service using any desktop, mobile or tablet browser.


Sometimes a client requires a solution for a web-based application where it is necessary to fully hand code the scripts using various scripting / coding languages to achieve the desired outcome - PHP, CSS , HTML, Javascript, jQuery & Perl for example.

SiteE@se has helped organisations to implement bespoke solutions for a number of business, backend and e-commerce scenarios.


First we need to have a full understanding of a client's requirements which will involve a detailed discussion, often raising questions that will encourage to the development of possibilities and and avenues to explore further. The most important thing for a website is not, surprisingly, what colour scheme might look nice but what the client wants the site to DO for them and their organisation.


Once we have a full understanding of your requirements we will draft a proposal and quotation to fulfil them. At this point you may wish to come back to us with questions and / or further requirements.

Our quotations are usually fully costed for a core design with a breakdown of options and their costs for your consideration. These are accompanied by a draft of our standard trading contract. Once the final specification has been agreed, a full contract is issued together with an invoice for the initial payment.


During the development phase you will be provided with a web address where you will be able to monitor the progress of the website design and development. This address will be blocked to search engines and may be password protected.

Clients are encouraged to provide feedback as the project develops and SiteE@se will respond to that, making adjustments and amendments as required. Should these depart significantly from the original agreed brief, requiring additional work, the overall quoted cost may increase.

Before going live, your website will be extensively tested and a full technical performance report provided.


At 'go live' a number of things will happen:

- the site's files are moved from the development area, if applicable, to the live area
- the site is registered with Google Webmasters Tools and a sitemap containing links to all the pages on the website is submitted to Google for indexing
- visitor analytics statistics are activated and a weekly report in pdf format set up to be emailed to identified recipients in your oganisation
- where applicable, training is provided at handover to a designated person in your organisation who may be managing content on the site


During the days and weeks after your site goes live, it's performance and Google rankings are monitored and, if necessary, adjustments made.

Clients may be asked to provide feedback on the service received from SiteE@se on a public review website.

Our Goals

  • Technical Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Client Support

  • Reliability and Resilience

  • Recommendation to Others


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