Welcome to SiteE@se Web Design

SiteE@se was established in 2006 by Chris Flanagan, who brought over 10 years award winning experience in web design for schools with him to meet a demand for website design that cut through the jargon and mystique to deliver practical but creative solutions for SMEs, not-for-profit organisations and individuals.

Over the last 11 years SiteE@se has developed a wide and loyal client base spanning many industries. Chris puts this down largely to a blend of a highly personalised service combined with a professional approach to keeping abreast of developing online technologies and using these to provide easy to use solutions.

Introducing ....

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Chris Flanagan
Web Designer & SiteE@se Owner
Passionate about web technologies, design and developing creative solutions that have form & function.
Foot Warmer
Always under the desk to keep Chris's feet warm when he's being creative!