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GDPR Privacy Policy – The Template You Wished You’d Had?

Well, it’s now turned midnight and GDPR DAY is finally over but it probably won’t stop all the emails imploring you to read the GDPR compliant version of X, Y or Z company’s Privacy Policy….

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E-Commerce Website for Alford Tiles and Stoves

A fully re-developed e-commerce website selling woodburning and multi-fuel stoves & accessories for Alford Tiles and Woodburning Stove Company went live this week.  It has been a large, long-term project stretching across the summer months…

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New Website for SiteE@se: Physician, Heal Thyself!

A new website for SiteE@se has long been overdue to bring the content, design and compatibility with smartphones, tablets etc all into line.  Web designers can be a bit like plumbers, making do with the…

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Website Launch Almost Ready

After a few frantic weeks, the new SiteE@se Website is nearing launch.  Just a few blog / news posts like this one to write, some search engine optimisation and a bit of spell checking (courtesy…


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